Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

That´s me

My name is Svea Perian and I´m in Second life since October 2009! I heard about this roleplay from a good friend of mine, and when he showed me what is possible in here, I was faszinating. I began to build furniture, and script a bit, meet many nice people!

Then one day I just wanted to look for good look for a new photo in my profile, was  coincidence, btw. best coincidence ever in SL, that I landed in the modelschool of Anrol and Steve. I read about the lessons, and what to learn there and knew, I must do it! Now I´m in, learn all about modelling and meet so many new and honest people!

I won two Contests until now, and three times I was under the first three! Also I won a videoshooting yet! When I look at all the other models and modelstudents, I´m really proud to manage like this. I try to be creative and confident, but I´m honest: On the stage I never breathe! :-)

Thank you so much to let me being part of something so fabulous!!